Classes & Leagues

HappyFeet Pittsburgh offers a range of programs tailored to players' ages and ability, ensuring that your child has an absolute blast while developing skills and confidence through a developmentally appropriate curriculum. 

For younger kids, check out our classes. These half an hour sessions are "story time with a soccer ball," using songs and adventures to grow your child's teamwork, listening and, of course, soccer skills! See the video below to learn more about our classes.

For older kids, check out our leagues. Our hour-long leagues still emphasizes fun and adventure, with a 25-30 minute game of "real soccer" at the end! We have found that parents & grandparents enjoy the league program as much as the kids!

Leagues are the perfect way to introduce kids to organized team sports in a fun and engaging way. They have a blast because they're familiar with their HappyFeet coach, the HappyFeet approach and their friends from school!

Each participating child will recieve a HappyFeet shirt and an end-of-season award.